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R:STC Morita  -  Morita Carbine
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STARSHIP TROOPERS 2 "Hero of the Federation"

Remodeled the S.F.3.D Original area, devoted to the world
of Kow Yokoyama and Ma.K. ZbV3000 Maschinen Krieger.

Roughneck Joe renovations under way...

From the back drawer of the designers desk come the concept sketches and
artwork that shaped the CG-series
Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles.

Check out Artwork: Bugs and Artwork: Weapons

Featuring full-page versions of:
C.H.A.S., Drop Suit, Drop Ship, MI Power Suit, Morita Rifle &
Retrieval Ship.

Webyte Productions' is proud to present their new Quake 2 Mod
Roughnecks: Operation Pest Control

Two new pages devoted to customizing 1/6-scale action figures and accessories! Includes Roughneck Joe and other militaria.

Major renovations still underway...

Please visit the Main Index and the new Mobile Infantry pages.

The Morita rifle never looked so good...

1/35-scale figures from EVA. Click here for more information.

Starship Troopers Total Conversion mod info.

New magazine references added to Armored Fighting Suit, advertisements for Powered Suit model kit, and S.F.3.D Original model box art.

The Roughneck Joe page has been renovated. Hopefully this will ease navigation. Also, new info from STARRO.

Diorama with Warrior and Hopper Bugs by Bas. He shares his fine work with us. Comming soon - his Brain Bug.

Troopers sighted at Dragon Con.

R:STC crew patch from Foundation Imaging and Flat Earth.

R:STC promotional poster made exclusivly from Comic-Con.

Non-Sequitor Jokes, etc...

Laws of Japanese Animation

The Laws of Jedi Master: Mace Windu

Star Wars Pants

Otaku's Psalm


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