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Armored Fighting Suit


Years before Uchû no Senshi, the "PoweredSuit" was born.

The easiest way to tell the early "PoweredSuit" apart from the Uchû no Senshi versions are the feet. The "PoweredSuit" feet are squared off, while the later's feet are rounded. Aside from that, they remain practically identical.


The Moving Pictures Magazine
May 1985
Number 2

Original concept "PoweredSuit Explination" from Newtype Magazine (May '85).

Cosplayer at Wonderfest in a "PoweredSuit" costume!

Hobby Japan

Monthly Hobby Magazine
August 2001
Number 387

Advertisement for 1/20-Scale "PoweredSuit", p.233.

Studio Nue Original Concept
Mobile Infantry
3DCG Redesign: Naoyuki Katoh
Master Modeling: Genpachi Toukaimura (Model Kingdom)
Produced and Manufactured by Kaiyodo

"The main equipment of mobile infantry is the POWEREDSUIT. Wearing POWEREDSUIT, infantry strengthen all their abilities, not only muscular strength of arms and legs but also hearing, eyesight and ability of defense without any special trainings. Besides, with variant optional equipments, it is also a distinctive feature that it is possible flexible corresponding to any kinds of situations such as local riot suppression to all-out war. Their main duty, most important duty of occupation descent from the atmosphere with exclusive pod evidences it their flexible."

Model Graphics

Your visual doorway to the exciting world of Modeling. Every month MG delivers the latest
productnews, kit reviews, how-to articles and, best of all, our renowned photorgaphy.
August 2001
Volume 202

Advertisement for 1/20-Scale "PoweredSuit", p.80.

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