Bas's Diorama

I'm happy to introduce Bas.  It's great to meet Trooper fans from all over the world!  Bas creates amazing dioramas, featuring our favorite bugs from Starship Troopers.  He was generous to share images of his modelwork, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.  Thanks Citizen Bas, and keep up the great work!

Click on images for a larger view!

An excellent battle diorama, with Warrior and Hopper Bugs!

Lots of details, including a burnt Warrior Bug and mangled Troopers (nice impalement too).

Initially, Bas used the 1998 Warrior Bug garage kit from the U.K.
Then, he carefully modified each Warrior Bug and M.I. figure to complete the diorama.
The swooping Hopper Bug was made from scratch.

An unsuspecting Trooper Gillespie is in for trouble...

Bas modified Trooper Gillespie from another figure, but the Hopper Bug was made from scratch.

Trooper Gillespie even has a teeny-weeny Comm-Pak!

Detailed M.I. bust.

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