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To compare and contrast the different types of armor afforded to our Starship Troopers.

What exactly is the goal of this site? This is one I'm struggling with. The fundamental difference/concern is the principle of operation (not to mention scale). The original concept as described by RAH, were "fancy suits" or "suit armor". It was literally
powered clothing: your legs - it's legs; your arms - it's arms, etc. In 1984, Kow Yokoyama was fet-up with the current mecha robots and wanted a more "personal" mobile suit. Thus "S.F.3.D Original" series of infantry armor meets this requirement (these kits would later be re-released as ZbV 3000 Ma.K. Maschinen Krieger).

The mecha designers for MADOX-01 (1987) were directly influenced by this, and even pay homage in their program books... and the same designer worked on Uchû no Senshi (the anime version of Starship Troopers, 1988). The operator climbed into the "Powered Suit" and it closed around him. His movements are translated to the suit via a direct feedback system.

Other anime that would be considered: the Legious Cyclone Cycle from Mospeada (Robotech), the power loader from Aliens, the powered armor from the ST:TA PC Video Game, Appleseed, The Lost Creater Wyvern etc. These suits need to be roughly the same size as a person. If I could find any images of Elementals and Grey Death Legion, I would consider them.

The anime Gundam, Battletech, Escaflowne ... Orguss, Macross, Evangelion, etc. are operated differently. They are "piloted" or controlled while in a sitting position using, primarily, joystick controls. Not to mention they are
several-stories-tall. To be "eligible" for my comparison, * realistic * human proportions must be maintained.

The gray area comes with R:STC. Their idea of Heavy Duty Power Suits brings new dimension to concept. The operator is sitting using joystick controls, but is still just slightly larger than a person. ST:TA uses suits with both concepts. With this in mind, the anime A.T. Votoms and Exo Squad could be considered... This is the timeline of "influence" I am trying to establish...

Citizen Dave

Click here for S.F.3.D and Ma.K.

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