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Armored Fighting Suit

Starship Troopers: Terran Acendancy
(PC Video Game 2000)

Taken directly from The Movie.


As used in ST:TS, the Mobile Infantry (a.k.a. Cap Troopers) have a range of armor types at their disposal. Basic armor is the standard issue MI body armor. Basic Armor is issued to every trooper. A trooper in basic kit is known as a Cap Trooper. Ironically, "cap" refers to the Drop Capsule... completely absent in both the Movie and the game.

The basic kit includes: grey pants, black t-shirt, tunic w/ division and rank, boots, theigh kinife
and flares holster, ammo clips, grenade pouch, rations pack, armor and M-3 tactical helmet.


As used in ST:TA, Powered Armor suits are difficult to produce and limited in number. The different classes of armor are made available to troopers progressively as they gain experience. As the higher classes of armor are more expensive, a trained operator is required.

There are three types of powered armor suits in ST:TA: Scout, Marauder and Command. Each type of armor comes in three classes: 3rd class, 2nd class and 1st class armor. 3rd Class armor is a light armor, with minimal on-board systems. 2nd Class armor is much heavier and has special abilities tied to the type of armor. 1st Class armor is extremely heavy duty armor. It boasts dual fire power, as well as special abilities.

This is where terminology differs from that used in R:STC. Please visit the "Comparison" area.


Scout Armor are very fast and designed for long range reconnaissance. They support a range of light armaments, and provide addition intelligence through onboard "Snooper" systems in the 1st and 2nd class models.

Special abilities of Scout Armor:
Searchlights - all Scout suits have searchlights attached to them, these are very helpful on night missions.
Snooper - this is a remote camera, similar to those used by Tac-Recon, which allows the trooper to scout out the mission terrain ahead. 1st and 2nd class Scouts suits are the only units which possess Snoopers.

3rd Class Scout

2nd Class Scout

1st Class Scout


Marauder Armor are designed for heavy combat support. They can carry a range of heavy weapons, and possess excellent armor shielding.

Special abilities of Marauder Armor:
Targeting System - all Marauder suits give their wearer an accuracy bonus.
Multi Launch Missile Rank - 1st and 2nd Class Marauder suits possess these devastating multi-launchers. These rockets deliver the knock out power of a nuke without the danger of splash damage.

2nd Class Marauder

1st Class Marauder

The 1st class Marauder suit in CGI.


Command Armor is designed to enhance the abilities of commanding officers on the battlefield. It provides enhanced combat efficiency, excellent armor protection, plus onboard shield generator in later models.

Special abilities of Command Armor:
Optical systems - all Command suits incorporate vision enhancement systems which provide greater perception ranges for your platoon commanders.
Power Shield - 1st and 2nd class Command suits are able to generate a power shield similar to those used in MI fortifications. This places a huge drain upon suits batteries but does provide an invulnerable shelter for the troopers under its protection. The power shield works beautifully in combination with an airstrike.

3rd Class Command

2nd Class Command

1st Class Command

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