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Starship Troopers Reference Collection.

Armored Fighting Suit

Starship Troopers Links

TrooperPX: The Worlds Most Complete
Starship Troopers Reference Collection

Citizen Shannon's Starhip Troopers Props

The Laramie Moviola: Starship Troopers

The Zaritsky Archive

Casper Van Dien's Officiial Site

Starship Modeler: Starship Troopers Model Portfolio

Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles


Roughneck Chronicles


The R:STC Archives

Higgin's Guide to R:STC

Adrian Van Der Park, Foundation Imaging animator.

Fan-fiction, clubs, polls and information on the series.

Varied information about the series R:STC, including a unique "Are you addicted?" poll.

Homepage of Jose A. Perez, Foundation Imaging VFX Modeler/Animator.

R:STC E-zine. Cool flash intro...


Roughnecks Ho!

Kevin K. Hanna'S Protfolio

Diz's Rougnecks Realm

Jenkins Gurl's Roughneck Site!!

Trelliah's R:STC Site

Apette Chronicles

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