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(My original Ma.K. designs, based on the 1/6-scale SAFS.)

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Here is the vinyl SAFS torso after having been molded.  The only container I had on hand large enough, was a plant pot.  If I redo this mold, I would find a plastic mixing bucket...  While the taper of the pot saved material at the base, and followed the conical shape of the SAFS, quite a bit was wasted as the pot widened at the top.  The result was needing to raise the fill line before the Silicon set.  This was done by submerging solid nylon rod around the circumference.  The result is one awkward and ugly mold...  But it's not what the outside looks like that counts!

One of the first pulls.  I use a technique called "slush casting".  As little as 100 grams of Silcast-II is needed to produce a hollow piece.  The mold is tumbled slowly by hand until the urethane begins to cure, allowing it to "cling" to the insides.

The dark gray cast on the far left is some older material I had left from making Roughneck Joe parts, and is just Silcast-II straight up.  The center, light gray cast is a new batch, with less pigment added.  These castings were mixed with thermolite powder.  This can be added as filler to "stretch" and reduce the amount of material used; it does not affect curing time or surface texture.

Four torsos awaiting limbs.

Testing locations for new parts.

Where the magic happens.  The wire shelving allows me to hang project parts out of the way.  Mixing notes can be seen through the back.  A "sealed oil" space heater is used under the work table, on low, to keep the molds warm.  Warm molds create a better finished surface and reduce moisture and curing time.

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