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(My original Ma.K. designs, based on the 1/6-scale SAFS.)

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How to Pose Ma.K.

Here're the thirty-one parts that make up the foundation for the KSA.

Leg tests show this to be in fairly good proportion to actual joints.  This is how it fits with the foot flat inside the bottom.  Pins will be drilled through each limb section, and packed with putty to keep the armor in place.  The armor joints will be ground out, and replaced with a gusset of vinyl, plastic, rubber or fabric.  Haven't tested this out yet.  I want to be able to pose the legs as well.  While overly ambitious for my first attempt, if it does work... I don't want to have to go back.  (If it doesn't work, it becomes a fixed-pose model which I wanted to do later anyway.)  The ones that follow will no doubtably improve.

To maximize mobility, the hips of the body have been cut down to the ball joints.  This will be attached to the underside of the torso.  My original idea was to pass the legs through the bottom, as most have done.  This leaves the legs with little or no room to move.  Maybe a little back and forth to lift the heel off the ground.  But I want something more dynamic.  This will add about a half-inch to the height of the KSA.  Since the arms are already over-proportioned, This should not be too noticeable.  To the right, you can see the initial placement of the leg thrusters.

My first squad triumvirate.  Jump Pack parts et-al.  Soooo many parts, so little time.  But when I get the time, BAM!  I'm ready to go!

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