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This is my Powered Armor Suit project:


First in concept "Kraftsprunganzug" is a
Powered Armor suit for Roughneck Joe.  

Starship Troopers is my true hobby, and I have been working on re-creating the entire cast from the 1997 movie, with G.I.Joe action figures, called Roughneck Joe. While the film lacked the "Jump Suits" from the 1959 novel (by Robert A. Heinlein), it provided me with everything I needed to start... including a really cool Halloween costume! Unfortunately, the costume designs in the film look just like the Shutoral forces. But I've come up with some legitimate sounding B.S. to explain that... (see "Backstory").

For more information on Roughneck Joe, click HERE  

I'm starting with the SAFS, and God bless Kow-sensei for having Nitto produce a 1/6-scale one back in 2000. I will then incorporate elements from Studio Nue's Powered Armor used in the 1988 anime "Uchu no Senshi"... Yep, they made a six-part Starship Troopers OAV. Using found objects and scavenged parts, my goal is to marry the two designs together. Kow's organic, rounded, toilet-bowl design with the blocky, square look from the anime. I even have a back-story to "explain" it all, crew patches and uniforms designed, etc. I use a lot of "found objects" in my work. Instead of deigning something, then looking for parts, I find my inspiration in the parts themselves. I ask myself first "What the heck could THIS be?" And then come up with something wild by sticking the pieces together... Now I *only* have to put them together.  Stay tuned...


Kraftsprunganzug is actually a captured S.A.F.S. suit the Shutoral Demokratische Republik acquired after battles at (*add battle appropriate to timeline*).

Several partially intact Mercenary S.A.F.S. units had already been under study at the Shutoral National Defense Development Service.  Shortly after the success of the SDR's Fledermaus in 2884, this new project entered development.  But not until a few fully intact units were captured did scientists and engineers realize this suit's full potential.

The S.A.F.S. was found to be superior to the P.K.A.'s... and the P.K.A.Gustav of 2885, even with it's strengthened legs and increased engine size.  The balance of the S.A.F.S., it's power supply and enclosed cockpit, lent itself as the ideal platform for an expanded weapons package.  With refinements in propulsion technology, a landing thruster system could allow short "jumps" across terrain.

The Mercenary S.A.F.S. had completely enclosed the cockpit, while the P.K.A. "family" has a clear canopy.
 The K.S.A. would use the advantages of both, while retaining the armored protection.  The new suit was to utilize both direct (visual) and indirect sighting through advances in radar systems.  

This concept of a highly mobile force led to the development of the as nicknamed "SAFS-VOE" (Variant Optional Equipment).  As this weapons package was expended, if unable to reload or refill in the field however unlikely, could be discarded, allowing the suit to operate under it's own limited power.  The production model was given the name of K.S.A. "Kraftsprunganzug" ... or ... "Powerful Jumping-suit".

The K.S.A. is used by SDR Special Forces and is typically delivered by the (*yet to be named Hover Sled*).  Since each weapons package could be expanded, to suit either the specific mission or fighting style of the pilot, several "flavors" of KSA began showing up on the battlefield.  However, the main identifiable traits remained the thruster pack, jump jets and a weapons assembly.

With minor, if no modifications, the K.S.A. can be "dropped" from orbit using a Drop Capsule system.  This capability was originally developed to deliver completed units from the SDR's off-Terra production facility.

Backstory Text Copyright © David Ramsay

First in concept "Kraftsprunganzug" is a
Powered Armor suit for Roughneck Joe.  

Parts Review:

I only cast the parts I would need for the KSA. Absent (not cast), are the right-upper-arm, left-lower-arm-laser, shoulder-guards, engine and periscope...

  • One torso (chassis):  Since a VOE pack was always intended, the radiator has been shaved off the back of the suit.  Also, since the periscope was to be removed in most variations, the top of this was used as a pour hole in the mold.  The silicon mold material was deliberately NOT de-aired in a vacuum pot...  Since the KSA is a "recycled" suit, and primarily deployed via a low-orbit re-entry drop capsule, the rising air bubbles create a wonderful texture on all downward-facing surfaces.  Pre-made pits and dimples, like pores on your nose.  A texture that would be time-consuming to reproduce on a number of KSA's.
  • One hatch (canopy):
  • Two new shoulder guards:
  • One sensor pack:
  • Two upper left arms:
  • Two lower right arms:
  • Two complete right hands:
  • Two hip guards:
  • Two FedNet icon brackets:
  • Two legs (left & right):

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