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Friday, May 17, 2002

A new STARSHIP TROOPERS movie is in the Grapevine!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... Got the following story sent in and after doing some follow up poking around at Sony today, I found that the original creative team on STARSHIP have submitted a proposal to Sony for a sequel which is currently entitled HERO OF THE FEDERATION. No details as of yet, but I do remember that in talking to Jon Davison about STARSHIP TROOPERS way back in the day... He said they had always intended it as a two part film. The second part was to be heavy duty Power Armor and the whole nine yards. All the missing stuff. I'm one of those people that loved Verhoeven's insanely blissful Orkin fantasy. I hope this goes forward!

I've heard through the grapevine that there is an alleged sequel to STARSHIP TROOPERS tenatively titled HEROES OF THE FEDERATION .. Haven't heard if that is supposed to be, STARSHIP TROOPERS 2: HEROES OF THE FEDERATION or not, but what I'm hearing is that it isn't officially greenlit yet, but it is anticipated or rumored to be greenlit this week. What do you know Harry?

Big Bad Bug
2003-05-06 14:52:34From: TrooperPX
Subject: Troopers-2
Comment: Come help support this (upcomming) film: And don't forget to stop by here if you're a Citizen:

Citizen Dave

2002-05-17 05:05:49From: Bosola
Subject: First
Comment:2002-05-17 05:07:39From: Bosola
Subject: That was satisfying in a sort of sad way
Comment: Hands up who thought Starship troopers was one of the best satires, and arguably verhoven's best film? Beverly Hills 90210ers having their brains sucked out...brilliant.

2002-05-17 05:07:45From: dastickboy
Subject: Waaaaaay cool!!
Comment: Now the name "Mobile Infantry" will make a bit more sense!! I loved Starship Troopers, and I love big robots, so I may get intimate with this film. And another thing? Why hasn't Hollywood got any big robot movies in production? I mean, how many TV shows, comics and computer games (Transformers, Mechwarrior, Mobile Suit Gundam)do these people need to see before they get the message???

2002-05-17 05:46:57From: Alpinestreams
Subject: oh no! No more bugs for me!
Comment: Starship troopers is one of the worst movies I've seen. Granted, not as bad as Wing Commander, but it's not much more then special effects galore. Starship troopers 2 is one movie I'd take a pass on. No more 'bugs' for me.

2002-05-17 05:49:48From: Gregzero
Subject: YES!
Comment: Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes

2002-05-17 06:05:33From: EnemyToAll
Subject: They'll fuck it up by making it PG-13
Comment: The first one cost so much money taht if they make a sequell they'll make it PG-13. What's the fucking point?

2002-05-17 06:09:35From: mansep
Subject: YES PLEASE!!!
Comment:2002-05-17 06:18:23From: Blake Falls
Subject: Yes! Let the real Star Wars beginn...
Comment: U can expect me first in line.

2002-05-17 06:28:14From: 84 Charlie MoPic
Subject: Hee Haw!
Comment: I loved the original book (it was the first Sci-Fi book I ever read) and yes, the movie totally distorted it but damn I loved that movie. Moral dilemmas: Bugs versus Fascists - who do you root for? Denise Richards in a tight white t-shirt! Doogie Howser in the Gestapo! What's not to love?

2002-05-17 07:02:26From: Philip Fitzroyce
Subject: Roughnecks
Comment: Isn't the 'Roughnecks' cartoon rather popular? More popular than the film which preceded it? And aren't the fans of said show youngsters? Expect a PG-15 rated, American Werewolf In Paris-esque sequel says I.

2002-05-18 00:38:38From: bobtheimpaler
Subject: Heinlein is still spinning in his grave.
Comment: Don't make a sequel to that Verhoeven hunk of crap. Let someone who knows what they're doing remake Starship Troopers.

2002-05-18 00:48:47From: Louis P.
Subject: Only with Verhoven
Comment: I really like Starship Troopers which most did not get. The movie is a goof not to be taken seriously but many people think it's just bad acting. Maybe the young actors were not in on the joke but I think Verhoven new exactly what he was doing. If Verhoven isn't involved expect a sequel on the level of Robocop 2; or 3 for that matter.

2002-05-18 00:57:20From: Jimmy Jazz
Subject: Heinlein sucks....
Comment: I hated the original novel. I hate heinlein and his quasi-fascist, uber macho, "Boys Own" armchair warrior bullshit. He was Tom Clancy with a better prose style and bigger artistic pretentions. One of the most overrated writers in recent history, IMO. Long live Verhoevan and his deranged masterpiece of a movie! He gave the story the satirical screwing that it so richly deserved. Bring on a sequel! (only if Verhoevan's directing, though)

2002-05-18 01:37:27From: ())CRAYOLA))>~~~
Subject: Hey! I remember that movie Starship Troopers 90210...
Comment: Didn't it take place in some futuristic Beverly Hills high school? Just kidding. Loved the violence, loved the action. Hated the main characters, hated the love triangle story. It was one of them guilty pleasures of my past.

2002-05-18 01:58:24From: Gentle_Fury
Comment: Give me a damn break, havent they done ENOUGH DAMAGE!?!??!?!? If anyone has ever read the original book you would know that the movie sucked the biggest donkey balls on the planet!!!! Now they have to make a damn sequel!! I HATE FUCKING HOLLYWOOD EXECUTIVE ASSHOLES THAT FIND IT NECESARY TO DUMB DOWN MOVIES AND PUT OUT SHIT MOVIE AFTER SHIT MOVIE THEN SEQUELS TO ALL THOSE SHIT MOVIES THEN PREQUELS TO ALL THE SHITTY SEQUELS!!!!! When are people going to realize that these movies and this genre sucks all ass?????? Oh well it is a sad day when people think that paul verhoven made up starship me a favor visit your local library the original book, WRITTEN IN THE 50's!!!!! it is scary how dead on he was about computers and weapon technology since none of it existed yet!!! Heinlein was an absolute genius!!! Verhoven is an absolute fucking moron, with no brain and too much money!!!!! ok, rant done

2002-05-18 02:26:43From: Tsunami3G
Subject: More BUGS and PROPAGANDA :-)
Comment: My favorite two things in STARSHIP TROOPERS. Want to learn more....?

2002-05-18 02:46:01From: Goatkiller
Subject: Regarding Roughnecks the Series
Comment: I hope Sony and/or Foundation complete the DVD series this soon, but who knows. If not for the censors I'm sure they would have run rampant with all the violence and reality gore witnessed in the movie. But in the end, really it's the series' stories that take the book to heart, not their interpretation of the technology or even the characters. I honestly felt the book could only be done justice through a series, not a single film. Verhoeven's was entertaining but shouldn't have been named adaption to the book as it seemed to make fun of the very material it was based on. There's respect for ya. In fact, I always imagined something more akin to the grittiness of Full Metal Jacket... with Power suits and Drop ships. But in a weird way, Aliens was one of the best translations.

2002-05-18 02:49:21From: Christopher3
Subject: Starship Troopers 2: Angry Argentinians!
Comment: In this one, Johnny Rico fights massive, clawed hyperinflation and shoots lasers at the dreaded winged capital flight. This has as much a chance of happening as "Robocop IV," which is to say: not.

2002-05-18 07:01:23From: TarantinoWebsite
Comment: Starship Troopers is an underrated fascism-critic masterpiece! I WANT MORE!!! AND MOST IMPORTANT: I WANT DENISE RICHARDS!!!

2002-05-18 08:20:17From: Spab
Subject: er, Harry would that be PIPELINE?
Comment: Yeah, I heard it's in the pipeline, and I'm just about to lose my mind, honey honey...

2002-05-18 08:48:35From: Halloween68
Subject: Harry, I don't mean to sound cliche, but, are you high?
Comment: Starship Troopers sucked the hair on my ass. Maybe if they would've had some reputable actors, other than Michael Ironside, the film might have been fairly decent. Come on, Casper Van Who, Denise Richardson (the woman who at the same time stuns you with her good looks and her bad acting, with the bad acting coming out on top, which is really bad considering how hot she is), the son of Gary Busey, and Doogie Howser? That film was doomed from the start with the casting call. Also, was there a moment in the film that didn't remind you of a really bad SciFi channel original movie. I mean the movie had a few moments, but on the whole, those moments were ridiculously short. 'Can't think of a single person who liked this film. Think about it... How long ago did this film come out? There's a reason it took so long for someone to even suggest a possible sequal. The producers are just now coming out of hiding. Just getting over their embarrasment.

2002-05-18 11:24:33From: Warlord92
Subject: LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment: Hell yea!!!!!!! Starship Troopers Rules!!!!!! GREENLIGHT IT NOW!!!!!

2002-05-18 12:04:31From: Boondock Saints
Subject: Verhoeven won't do it but why not .....
Comment: Verhoeven won't direct it, he got some other things , (some novelcrap thing0 But why not let David Cronenberg or John Carpenter direct? Could be interesting.

2002-05-18 16:00:44From: Frighter
Subject: Screw the Book
Comment: Who cares if it departed from the book in style-ness. I think the movie was awesome, the scenes with the huge ships over klendathew (or wahtever its called) and them all gettin blown up, and the scenes where bugs are totally surrounding the destroyed camp or when they tried to invade klendathew was rad. The definition of. The acting was sub par, no denying that, but if anyone thinks that this movie was made trying to get an oscar or anything is very deluded, it was almsot a comedy at times with all them cutscenes where they had like the goverment telling kids to do their part by going around and squashing on the street. If they keep wif the style that the first movie was made, ill definatley go see it. I liked it, screw the bad acting.

2002-05-18 16:55:11From: javid691369
Subject: aww yeah!!!
Comment: bugs rule!!!!! now all we need are the skinnys!!

2002-05-18 16:57:46From: kojiro
Subject: i absolutely hate to use the phrase 'you didn't get it'...
Comment: But unfortunately that is all I can say to those who hate Starship Troopers. Aside from those who hate it for diverging from the book (and I assume I need not address them for we can all ignore such people on a MOVIE website, yes?) people who hate the flick seem to hate it for the exact same resons that some of us love it. The movie was not only a critique of our society and politics but of the very genre in which it resides: the Summer Blockbusters. Crappy acting? Sure was, but do you think that mindless actors getting their brains sucked out was coincidence. Their inability to act was so pronounced that I can't imagine anyone not seeing the subtext. Verhoeven got the most inept of the pretty-face actors to play brainwashed little drones and then foisted it off onto the masses as a must see blockbuster and made a mint doing so. ---------------Clearly if Verhoeven is making this then I'll be in line, if not then fuck it.

2002-05-18 17:23:10From: TomVee
Subject: Doesn't matter
Comment: This will be like ROBOCOP II, which was an abomination. The biggest issue is Verhoeven. Without him, a sequel is doomed to failure. Certainly you would not want to see nonactors like Denise Richardson and Casper what's-his-name in a sequel without Verhoeven at the helm. It would be like that awful imitation that came out about a year after, based on a (presumably) popular video game (WING COMMANDER?).

2002-05-18 18:56:48From: Ancil
Subject: StarCraft 2: The Sequel
Comment: Did anyone else keep thinking of the Terran campaign movies from the original Starcraft? That's what Starship troopers reminded me of. So yeah, I'm looking forward to part 2 (of Starship Troopers).

2002-05-19 08:28:45From: Schnorbitz
Subject: The first one? Loved it!
Comment: Anyone who doesn't like Starship Troopers should imagine that the fascist society in the future has made a recruitment film, where an "ordinary" boy is swept up in the war and makes a difference. Hopefully, any male in the future would want to be Johnny Rico (being told by a dying woman that since he slept with her, her life is complete). I'm sure there were similar ideas of films about joining up/ training/ going on a campaign in Britain and America in the 40s.

2002-05-19 12:04:45From: Tarl_Cabot
Subject: That line by the legless man:" Mobile infantry made me the man I am today": Priceless!
Comment: Cool! I always thought Starship troopers was vastly a underrated movie; witty and funny as hell!It was better than The Phantom Menace, Godzilla ,Armegeddon, Men in black, Independece day...and just about every other overhyped dud of the '90s. I hope they bring back Paul Verhoven and keep the R rating.

2002-05-19 18:11:57From: Mixed_Messages
Subject: The shadow of Heilein's novel
Comment: The direction and plotting of this movie reflected Vorheaven's(sp) experience (and apparent disgust thereafter) of the military during WWII. When he was brought into the pre-production of "Starship Troopers" he knew what he had to say about a Military controlled culture. He brought in a writer who shared his ideas and the movie was made. The product stands as his opinion of his concept of said culture, every director must need a passion and goal to direct a movie. Vorheaven(sp) had that in spades. If you understand his beliefs, you'll understand that movie. That director never did sequels of any movie he made; no doubt because the message he had to show us was revealed the first time. Though I recall that the interview posted here with him, he stated that if a novel idea would pop up; Sure, he'll jump on it. For us who loved the novel, it is a shame that the original story will never be produced, perhaps a few decades must pass for that to happen. Thinking about the sequel. In my two cents, they could easily use a bit of the original book version of Rico (Phillipine looking/Talago-the works and all[so of course it'll be a different actor]) as a hardened M.I. veteran during the end of the war where it was unclear if humans where winning or losing. The neat scene in that kind of movie would be when new recruits come in and the "actor" (Played by Casper Van Deen, who played Rico in the farce produced by anti-war oppenents. [They used Rico as the punching bag for the "movie".]) as a shaken individual who has witnessed the viciousness of the "bugs" during one of their attacks on Earth. The death toll on Earth would be in the billions, so a "scrapping of the bottom of the barrel" has the "actor" join the last ditch attempt to win. Mobile Armor would be seen in the movie, Nuke missles would be used, the Laser armorments of "bugs" would be shown and we'd also see how they travelled thru space(for all you who didn't read the book; the "bugs" are a Technological race). And the FUBAR at Klendathu(sp)could be talked about. It was due to our lack of intel, inexperience and conceit, not what was shown in the Vorheanven's(sp) flick. Example: The two spaceships flying into each other was because their re-entry into normal space from the jump was too close(still at near c, both where obliterated).

2002-05-19 23:12:11From: RickP66
Subject: Oh wonderful...
Comment: The only good thing about a ST sequel would be if Verhoeven were not involved in it. When I first saw the article, I was HOPING that they were going to make the FIRST movie adaption of Starship Troopers, not a sequel to Verhoeven's circle jerk that had nothing to do with the Heinlein book beyond misusing the title.

2002-05-20 06:15:58From: SpacePerve
Subject: Heinlein, Verhoeven, Denise Richards
Comment: Is that the nukular fisticist from The World Is Not Enough? Blearghh. Verhoeven is a genius. The only joke I don't get is Showgirls but what the hell, it has Gina Gershon Sappho-style. Heinlein, on the other hand, has written some great books and Starship Troopers ain't one of them. I'm waiting for The Forever War.

2002-05-21 00:51:52From: The Hillbrothers
Subject: Book good, movie good too
Comment: I like them both on their own merits. With a sequel to the movie they have a great opportunity to delve deeper into Heinlein's story while expanding on Verhoeven's take, combining the philosophy of the book with the ironic play of the film. They could have the armored suits and the skinnies (and more bugs, hopefully), with Heinlein's message coming through more clearly in officer-training scenes for Rico, and also have the Doogie character from the movie become the enemy as he falls to corruption. And they should also take us to the Bug homeworld. Good Luck, Starship Troopers 2! They will need a clever script with Verhoeven or someone of his caliber and mindset directing in order for this to be good.

2002-05-21 01:05:59From: The Hillbrothers
Subject: Oh, yeah, and the sequel could also have...
Comment: ...the father return as a military volunteer as he does in the book, which as I recall was a surprise to Rico. In the movie they don't actually show the parents dying so... And I like the idea above about adding a character to show the devastation on Earth from his/her point of view... the father would be perfect for that. We could get his story in a flashback. The flashback as a device was already used in the first film so it fits real good, eh?

2002-05-23 10:09:53From: LeeScoresby
Comment: Instead of making this film, why not feed africa for a while?

2002-05-24 01:01:49From: ClareB
Subject: Not another ruinous interpretation of a good book ...
Comment: Oh, please, no ... hasn't Verhoven done enough shite to the novel already? The casting for the movie was appauling, and the overall style was okay, had it been an original film. But to base that film on the novel, and name it after it? It ruined it for anyone who wanted to make a serious attempt at visualising the novel properly. The fully-CGI series has done a much better job, why not movie based on that? Considering the final episodes were never actually made, why not produce them as a movie? That way there would be yet another kick-arse sci-fi CGI film, but one that has a plot, unlike Final Fantasy ...

2002-06-10 19:40:51From: Roughneck20
Subject: Hell ya to S.S.T 2
Comment: I tihnk sony should give the green light because if its anything like the first one it will bee a hit.

2002-06-16 15:11:12From: Capn Rahn
Subject: Frell a new movie ... Check out "Roughnecks:Star ship Trooper Chronicals" on DVD
Comment: Ok, to get this out of the way, the movie and book are 2 COMPLETELY differant beasts. The movie has it's own merits and is enjoyable - if you seperate it from the orginal novel. Simply, it appeals to my "popcorn" veiwer aspect. Light, fluffy but with the extra butter of minor subtext from Vehoven. However, the film could have been titled any other name and still have pulled the same box office numbers via power of Verhoven's name in the director credits. The book appeals to my deeper nature and I won't go into the differaces here, since this is a movie site (as stated above)and not liteature. BUT, those how would like to see a VASTLY BETTER version of the film, you should check out "Roughnecks:StarShip Trooper Chronicals" a CGI masterpeice from (well mainly) computer o Foundation Imaging now on DVD! Any other comments on R:SSTC?

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