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The following story was written by Kow Yokoyama, translated by Sue Shambaugh, edited by Matthias Arndt, and is being revised by Robert Brunskill.  Please visit N.A.Da.N. for this information in it's original form.

A listing of millitary personel and civilians involved in the Earth colonial war.

Captain Jochen Holtzmann - P.K.40, POW
Warrant Officer Werner Krupinski - P.K.40
Warrant Officer Walter Nowotny - Salamander
Sergent Major Walter Pingel - P.K.40, Fire Fly, POW
Sergent Kurt Mankiewicz - P.K.40
Sergent Dieter Knoll - Salamander
Sergent Adorno Schtanhaut - Salamander

Major Albrecht Weber - Konrad
Captain Erik Jasko - Konrad
1st Lieutenant Heinrich Gieger - Konrad
1st Lieutenant Basque Richelieu - Gustav, Konrad
1st Lieutenant Schmit von Siegfied - Konrad
1st Lieutenant Marks Wendy - Konrad
2nd Lieutenant Faldia Carnerdo - Konrad
Warrant Officer Terry Jackson - Konrad
Sergent Major Dick Barns - Gustav
Sergent Major Heinz Gottsnecht - Gustav

Lieutenant Colonel Kraus Brinkmann - Kraftwagen
Captain Tort Gulmer - PzKw 182
2nd Lieutenant Gerling Berger - Nutrocker II

Lieutenant Colonel Hans Knobrock
Lieutenant Colonel Gerhart Rauh
Lieutenant Colonel Westfahl Walk (Brooke)
Major Siegfried Lempke
1st Lieutenant Manfred Foss
1st Lieutenant Konrad Lenz
2nd Lieutenant Otto Brandis
2nd Lieutenant Herbert von Panteref (Herbert von Panraref)
Warrant Officer Helmut Wick
Sergent Willie Ketche (Kirch)
Corporal Gustav Toeni
P.F.C. Max Kane

Shutoral Army High-Speed Transport Corps
56th Armored Corps

7th Armored Mobile Infantry Division "JG-53"
362nd Assault and Recon Company

17th Automated Company
18th Airborne
25th Panzer Group
53rd Battle Air Group "JG-53"
134th Armored Regiment
150th Armored Hunting Battalion

362nd Assault and Recon Company

192nd Panzer Company
300th Armored Mobile Infantry Regiment "Rengemark"
300th Armored Mobile Infantry Battalion
500th Special battle Bomber Air Division "S-JKG"
503rd Heavy Battle Tank Battalion

Captain Halfe Jutireinen (Harpe Jutirainen) - J.40
2nd Lieutenant Etrich Taube (Erich Taube) - J.40

Major Bally Rosky - S.A.F.S. Mk II
Captain Julie Groholtz (Yuri Grohoretz) - A.F.S.
Captain Joachim Munsterberg - S.A.F.S. Mk II
1st Lieutenant Rick Garibaldi - Jerry
1st Lieutenant Richard Katz - S.A.F.S.
1st Lieutenant George Norman - S.A.F.S. Mk II, Gladiator
1st Lieutenant Hasse Wind - Gladiator
2nd Lieutenant George Conan - S.A.F.S.
Sergent Aile Bungard - S.A.F.S.
Sergent Max Barkram - S.A.F.S., Gladiator
Sergent Shawn Frick - S.A.F.S. Mk II
Corporal Robert Bush - A.F.S., S.A.F.S.
C.F.O. Conrad Amusel (Amsel) - S.A.F.S., Fireball
Private Gary Knudsen - S.A.F.S

Eddie Amusel (Amsel)

Captain Julie Orselopf
1st Lieutenant Arnold Burder
1st Lieutenant Douglas F. Cunningham
1st Lieutenant John Foster
1st Lieutenant Gary Knudsen
1st Lieutenant Giotto Uhuzie
2nd Lieutenant Karl McCallum
2nd Lieutenant Oswald Uhuzie
Sergent Rischuer Brant
Corporal Antonio N. Calatiora
Corporal Heinz Hargen
Corporal Gordon Herold
Corporal Wan Jishiyoku
Corporal Evalit Kreiber
Corporal Scerian Luta

1st Foreign Legion Corps

4th Air Support Platoon

3rd Mechanized
12th Militia
14th Armored Hunting Regiment
34th A.F.S. Platoon
44th A.F.S. Battalion
48th New South Wales
90th All Mercenary Company
331st A.F.S. Company
711th A.F.S. Battalion

Please visit N.A.Da.N. for this information in it's original form.

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