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S.F.3.D Original
Ma.K. ZbV3000 Maschinen Krieger

S.F.3.D Original
The first Nitto kit was produced in December 1983.
(Kow Yokoyama's SF3D Original designs, now renamed MA.K. ZbV3000, became popular through a long-running photoseries in the magazine Hobby Japan. They were produced as plastic kits of unmatched quality by NITTO Japan and were the first major science fiction kits released that included etched metal parts, springs, pieces of wire and decent decals. The attention to detail and moulding quality was excellent, finally elevating the science fiction kit to the level of kits offered by Tamiya and Hasegawa. Please visit the unofficial site dedicated to the S.F.3.D / MA.K. ZbV3000 model kits, designs and other material related to the work of this Japanese model maker / artist.)

These items are injection-plastic kits of a science-fiction/anime item.
They require both cement and painting to complete or use.

1/6-Scale Kits

NIT??? (NiC)

1/20-Scale Kits

Art No.23072-700 (Box No.103718)

A.F.S. Mk I
Art No.24097-700 (Box No.039105)

Art No.24098-900 (Box No.102951)

Gustav NIT24106 (NiC)

Hornisse NIT24107 (NiC)

Jerry NIT24110 (NiC)

Fledermaus NIT24113 (NiC)

Neuspotter NIT24116 (NiC)

Krachenvogel NIT25138 (NiC)

1/76-Scale Kits

Nutrocker NIT???

Please visit N.A.Da.N. for a complete listing and technical information.

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