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S.F.3.D Original
Ma.K. ZbV3000 Maschinen Krieger

S.F.3.D Original
(Kow Yokoyama's SF3D Original designs, now renamed MA.K. ZbV3000, became popular through a long-running photoseries in the magazine Hobby Japan. They were produced as plastic kits of unmatched quality by NITTO Japan and were the first major science fiction kits released that included etched metal parts, springs, pieces of wire and decent decals. The attention to detail and moulding quality was excellent, finally elevating the science fiction kit to the level of kits offered by Tamiya and Hasegawa. Please visit the unofficial site dedicated to the S.F.3.D / MA.K. ZbV3000 model kits, designs and other material related to the work of this Japanese model maker / artist.)

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Original images from 1985 "S.F.3.D Original" story in Hobby Japan magazine.

(Nitto, after years of wrangling with Hobby Japan over copyright, has recently reissued the SF3D line
of kits under the Maschinen Krieger name. The actual kits are identical to the previous SF3D releases.
For images of the current model boxes, please visit the Maschinen Krieger page.)

Cosplayer at Wonderfest in a S.A.F.S. costume!

For kit and "bio's" detailed production history, please visit:

What is SF3D?

SF3D was a collaborative work between Kow Yokoyama (artist, designer, chief model maker), Hiroshi Ichimura (story
and background information), Kunitaka Imai (graphic design) and Hobby Japan model magazine. It was featured
monthly in Hobby Japan and ran from 1982 to 1985. It was basically a series of photostories, illustrated with models,
sketches and diorama scenes, based on the story of a future war between colonists resettling a once-devastated
Earth and an occupying military government called the Shutoral Demokratische Republik, or SDR. Nitto Japan
produced spectacularly high-quality kits based on the models from the series. These featured unique and attractive
'retro' WWII-styled packaging, superior moulding and white-metal/etched brass parts, making them the first
mass-market multimedia kits.

What happened to the series?

There was a falling out between the parties and Hobby Japan took out an injunction stopping Nitto from producing
the current models or manufacturing new kits. That is why they disappeared from the market place suddenly in 1986.
The Japanese market was also slow to take them up, in part because of the Gundam craze had just kicked off.

Can I still get the SF3D models?

Not new. They are available second hand only. They are now regarded as collectors items but there may be shops
that have old stock - but we doubt it. The kits have however been re-released under the new 'MA.K.'

What is MA.K. then?

MA.K., or more correctly Maschinen Krieger ZbV3000 is the old SF3D series of models reincarnated under a new
name. Kow Yokoyama and Nitto have renamed the series due to the legal problems, in order to promote and sell
them again. They were re-released in 1999.

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