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Ma.K. ZbV3000 Maschinen Krieger

ZbV3000 Ma.K. Maschinen Krieger
The first Nitto kit was re-produced in February 1999.
(Nitto, after years of wrangling with Hobby Japan over copyright, has recently reissued the SF3D line
of kits under the Maschinen Krieger name. The actual kits are identical to the previous SF3D releases.)

These items are injection-plastic kits of a science-fiction/anime item.
They require both cement and painting to complete or use.

1/6-Scale Kits

S.A.F.S (Super Armored Fighting Suit) NIT25122

The assembled kit next to a 12" G.I.Joe Action Figure.

Fireball. (NiC)

1/20-Scale Kits

P.K.A (Panzer Kampf Anzug) NIT24083 (NiC)

A.F.S. Mk.I NIT24097

S.A.F.S. NIT24098 (NiC)

Gustav Clear Version NIT20002 (NiC)

Fireball NIT24108 (NiC)

Fireball Clear Version NIT20001 (NiC)

Kroete NIT24109 (NiC)

Raccoon NIT24111 (NiC)

Konrad NIT24112 (NiC)

Heinrich NIT24118 (NiC)

Fliege NIT25123 (NiC)

Figure Set 1 (Mercenary Troops) NIT25124 (NiC)

Figure Set 2 (Shutoral Forces) NIT25125

1/76-Scale Kits

Nutrocker NIT25139 (NiC)

If you cannot find these kits locally, we recommend visiting the following sites:
Search Rainbow Ten under "English - Today's Inventory List - Charactor - Nitto" for availability.


Search Hobby Link Japan under "Company - Nitto - Sci-Fi" for availability.


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