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All trooper "extras" were issued a total Mobile Infantry package.

The complete Armor set includes the following: Helmet w/ chin strap, Neck Ring (gorget), Armor (belly, yoke and back), Chest Rations Pouch, Knife Belt, Water Bottle, two Ammo Pouches, Grenade Pouch, Gloves, Morita Rifle.  If available, a water bottle, 2 foam clips, 2 foam grenades and maybe a knife blank with flares were issued.  Posed shots of the armor as it is meant to be worn (to the Left) will open in new windows that can be positioned to compare details (to the Right) of individual equipment.

Everything shown here are actual film-used props from the 1997 film STARSHIP TROOPERS.
The contents of TrooperPX is part of a single private collection. None of these items are for sale.




Rations Pouch

Knife Sheath

Water Pouch

Clip Pouch

Grenade Pouch





For general clarification, the following general terms will be used:

B-grade: Background. Not as detailed, incomplete, or possibly damaged.
A-grade: Close-up. More detailed, for use within a specific focus distance.
Hero-grade: The quality used for a principle actor.
Johnny-grade: Hero-grade quality actually worn by a specific character/actor.
Adult Armor: The larger of the two sizes produced (roughly 650).
Children's Armor: The smaller of the two sizes produced (roughly less than 10).
I'm doing my part Armor: Armor set made for principle child (possibly only 1).

This site will be under random renovation for the next few months.

Images of the Uniform and Armor as modeled by Citizen Dave:

T-shirt, armor & helmet

"Tango Urilla" BDU's

"Whiskey Outpost" BDU's

LazerTag game gear

Medic in armor w/ cap

Medic in armor w/ pack & cap

Medic in armor w/ helmet

Medic in armor w/ pack & helmet

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