The Worlds Most Complete Starship Troopers Reference Collection

1959 Novel: First Impression by G.P. Putnam, HB
19** Sci vol 1
19**Sci vol 2
19** Novel: First Printing by Signet, PB
19** Novel: Second Printing by ...
1968 Novel: First Printing by Berkeley, PB
19** Novel: Second Printing by ...
1987 Novel: First Printing by Ace, PB
19** Novel: Book Club Edition by Ace, HB
1976 Simulation Board Game: by Avalon Hill
19** Simulation Board Game: Expansion in The General Vol.**
19** Simulation Board Game: Expansion in The General Vol.**
19** Video Game: by Atari, Tape Cassette
1988 Anime: 6-part Japanese OAV "Uchuu no Senshi" by Studio Nue
1988 Anime: Color Film Comic for "Uchuu no Senshi" by Bandai
1988 Model: 1/12-scale Toy/Model for Uchuu no Senshi" by Bandai
1996 Toys: Based on the 1997 Film (below) by Galoob
1997 Movie: Theatrical Release by Paul Verhoeven
1997 Book: The Making of...
1997 Novel: 21st Printing by Ace, PB
19** Comic: 2-part ** by Dark Horse Comics
19** Comic: 3-part ** by Dark Horse Comics

1997 Simulation Board Game: Film Version by Avalon Hill
1997-98 Fan-Made: Roughneck Joe© "Johnny" Collectible Action Figure
1999 TV Series: 40-episode CGI Series "Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles"
2000 Video Game: "Starship Troopers: Terran Ascendancy" for the PC, by Hasbro Interactive-UK
2004 Fan-Made: Roughneck Joe© Accessory Kits
2004 Movie: Direct to Video "Hero of the Federation" by Ed Neurimier
2005 Simulation Board Game: 25mm Figure System by Mongoose Publishing
2005 Comic: 3-part by **
2005 Video Game: "***" for the *** by Empire Interactive

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