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Sites run by fellow Citizens:

Roughneck Chronicles

Intro graphics don't work on all systems - Don't get discouraged! Just click on something to get to the real index.

To pass the intro graphics.

Organized very well. Has an Events Update banner and a weekly poll so you can vote on different topics. Rodimus has done an excellent job relating the shows popularity to Sony and BKN. Highly recommended.

Ape's Forum

If you are an R:STC fan, you MUST visit the Ape's Forum for the latest information and discussions!

Roughneck Ramblings

The site also has a chat room-messageboard and sorts by thread.

The R:STC Archive

Combines information from other sites (including this one) and reorganizes it into one neat package. Captures the look and feel of the show very well. Has almost finished a very cool "itemized" Field Guide of Bugs, Vehicles, Weapons, Aliens, Planets and a surprise Miscellaneous section! Recommended.

Roughnecks Ho!

Recently renovated with some very nice Flash effects.

Higgin's Guide to R:STC

Includes creative character "bios" for the Roughnecks and Fleet. Also has detailed "specs" on every weapon, bug and planet (reference image, uses, first appearance, etc.). Very current. Good info and flow makes it fun to read through. Does NOT have any contact info for webmaster or comments and has not been updated this year :-(

Mchenry Outpost

Cool intro image. Well organized and very through data.

FX Station

Homepage of Jose A. Perez, Foundation Imaging VFX Modeler/Animator with many R:STC images in the Gallery section.  Highly recommended.  Image heavy.

More sites run by fellow Citizens:


Includes syndicated and Sci-Fi and International air listings when they become available. Check out their episode guide, it has a graph that breaks down writer, director, location, studio, etc. Lists TV stations that are showing R:STC, have dropped it and others that are planning to pick it up. Also has C-Band Satellite Feed information and related newsgroups. Highly recommended.

Adrian Van Der Park

...was an animator at Foundation. He worked on Roughnecks and he emailed me and let me know that his website has some new animations, Roughnecks and non-Roughnecks related things.


...clubs, polls and information on the series.


Info on the PC video game.

Kevin K. Hanna

Kevin's Protfolio.

Jenkins Gurl's Roughneck Site!!

Trelliah's R:STC Site

Apette Chronicles

Roughneck Outpost

This site may be undergoing major simplification until the webmaster can devote more time to it. Last updated in January 2000 :-(

Part chat room, part messageboard. Organizes comments by thread. Excellent for those that visit AICN, and a friendly place for current topics.

Diz's Rougnecks Realm

Nice site, but Angelfire crashes my system... May be accessible through Netscape, but not AOL's Explorer.

Apes Anonymous

Varied information about the series R:STC, including a unique "Are you addicted?" poll. Site seems to have lost it's imgaes.

Resources and review sites:

Slacker's Sci-Fi Source
Great directory for everything Sci-fi, including cartoons.

Digital Animators

Homepage of the site.

Interview: THE MAKING OF by Erik Holsinger
How Foundation Imaging creates a 30 minute live-action show, all in 3D, every week. 

Sci-Fi IGN

Homepage of the site.

Reviews for most of the episodes; links for others at the bottom of this page.

Interview with R:STC animator Jarrod Davis.

Aktuelle Nachrichten aus Science Fiction und Phantastik

Homepage of the site.

Review: R:STC site in Germany. By Werner Spahl.
Die computeranimierte Trickserie "Roughnecks: Starhip Troopers" (37 Episoden) hatte es sich zum Ziel gesetzt, einen Mittelweg zwischen dem preisgekrönten Roman von Robert A. Heinlein (Hugo 1960) und dem Actionfilm desselben Namens (USA 1998, Regie Paul Verhoeven) zu gehen - die erste Folge ("Freefall") deutet jedoch auf eine Gewichtung zugunsten der Filmumsetzung hin! ...

SF Report het science fiction blad van Nederland

Homepage of the site.

Reviews: Starship Troopers the movie, Toys and R:STC, site in Holland. By Serge van Lith.
De warming-up - Aangezien ik mijzelf op dat moment toch in het land der action-figuren bevond, besloot ik maar eens mijn collectie in Nederland eens flink uit te gaan breiden met een hoeveelheid Roughnecks action-figuren. Maar welke speelgoed- of comicbook- winkel ik ook bezocht, nergens was er ook maar iets te vinden van de serie. ...

ICQ Active List

R:STC ICQ Active List # ( 50702190 ). Listed as a valuable resource for fans with ICQ that is not currently provided by the web (forums, chat). Run by Brendan Smith <> ICQ#: 48659665

Starship Trooper Recruiting

Same site, but without banner crap.

Columbia TriStar Television site. It seems to resemble the Sony Troopers site that went up about the same time the Movie opened. Includes "Recruit Chat", part chat room, part messageboard. Seems to be geared to a younger audience. (Maybe we can change that...) "Are you doing your part? Sign up for a life of adventure."


Same site, direct to the English version.

Same site, direct to the Starship Troopers page.

The Canadian cable/satelite station airing R:STC. Starting Jan. 3, Mondays at 7pm and Saturdays & Sundays at 5pm.

CGS Success Systems: TV Programs Sites

Same site, direct to the R:STC link page.

This site has links to EVERY show past and present! Looking for the "official" site or fan sites, they list them all (or try damn hard to... If you know one that's not listed, let them know so they can review it for submission).


Coming Attractions by Corona. The latest scoop on SST2.


Foundation Imaging

The main CGI team for R:STC. Currently, has produced the most episodes for the show.

Flat Earth Productions

Same site, but without the frames.

The second CGI team for R:STC. Produced two equally cool episodes. The page features half-dozen small Quicktime clips with some cool 3D animation and effects! There'll be a few more clips to come and, eventually, the full 2-and-a-half minute demo.

Rainbow Studios

The third CGI team for R:STC.
Right now, there is not too much of anything except a few pictures (few of which seem to be from Roughnecks) and the company profile.

Food Court

Visit the "Food Court" for CG Jokes & Funny $#!t

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