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Mobile Infantry

Everything shown here are actual film-used props from the 1997 film STARSHIP TROOPERS.
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The medic was given a few unique items for his/her duty. The vest was first seen worn with a cap and without armor at Camp Curie. The helmets were given the first-aid cross, and the vest can be seen over a set of armor as Johnny inspects his new recruits (add)...

This Medic Pack was made by Eagle Industries solely for Starship Troopers. They are not available through the company. The LBE pack from the TAC-V1-N vest system, was attached to the harness, from the Medical Pack. It includes closed cell foam padded shoulder straps and a removable chest strap with Fastex quick release buckles. This is (the harness from) the A-III Medical Pack (A-III-MP), and the Load Bearing Pack (LBP-USA).

Complete Medic
on figure

The Medic vest worn over armor, as seen later in the film.

Medic M-3
Tactical Helmet

Helmet animation will begin once all frames have finished loading. (29 frames)




Mic Area

Mic Area


Visor Mount Area

Visor Mount Area

Vest Front View

Vest Back View

Shoulder Detail

Film References

The Medics (seen here at Camp Curie). The vest is worn over a tunic... but not over armor.

This is a "B-grade" helmet with the small Medic logo.
The tunic has a large Medic patch and chest wings.

This Medic is wearing the cap with a small Medic patch.

Even on Big-K, the Medic (at Right) wears no armor.

Medic woman (still alive) prior to deployment.

Medic Pack


Detail 1

Detail 2

Detail 3

Eagle Reference 1
Eagle Reference 2

Eagle Industries A-III-MP

Eagle Industries LBP-USA
Film References

The Medics (seen here at Camp Curie) wear the custom pack made by Eagle. A water pouch can bee seen on the right hip.

This Medic (at Right) is wearing the cap, tunic and pack.

Helping survivors of the Buenos Aires bug-meteor attack.

Even on Big-K, the Medic (at Left) wears no armor.

Medic in tunic, & cap.

Medic in tunic, vest & cap.

Medic in tunic, vest, pack & cap.

Medic in tunic, vest, pack & helmet.

Medic in armor w/ cap

Medic in armor w/ pack & cap

Medic in armor w/ helmet

Medic in armor w/ pack & helmet

(image: full shot)


Detail 1

Detail 2


Patches and Decals

Large Medic Patch

Small Medic Patch
Patches Detail

Vest Front View

Vest Back View

Shoulder Detail

Film Reference 1

Film Reference 2

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