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Mobile Infantry

Everything shown here are actual film-used props from the 1997 film STARSHIP TROOPERS.
The contents of TrooperPX is part of a single private collection. None of these items are for sale.

Manufactured by Cal-Arts in the valley (N. Hollywood on Chandler Ave.), the helmets were finished by Prop'er Effects in Culver City, LA. The helmets were cast in fiberglass and then finished with a gel-coat. A total of 650 helmets were made.

The helmets that were in the best condition, approximately 25, were taken aside and modified into "A-grade" helmets. Details were enhanced, brass screens were installed in the ears, and mics were added. Five of these that were considered the "best-of-the-best", were padded and detailed into "AA-grade" for the principle actors' main helmet. The remaining 625 were destined to stay "B-grade"; used primarily for background or effects.

There was only one size made. There were however, countless size variations due to the mass molding process. In addition, one "A-grade" helmet was cut down for the child actor "I'm doing my part...", and three or four were cut down for Dina Meyer.

Hero helmets were used for shots close to the camera. Most, if not all, were "AA-grade" and had the actors name written inside. If a 'messy' scene were called for, they would jazz up a "B-grade" helmet with ear screens. These were most noticeably for death scenes (e.g. Johnny and the Tanker Bug, Sugar and the Warrior, Katrina being dragged off, etc.).

LazerTag helmets were mostly "A-grade" helmets. These scenes were filmed last at Mile Square Park. Almost as an afterthought, the helmets were roughly masked and had the tops painted either blue or red (as pictured at Left). Since this was all done on-set, on the fly, most ear screens were painted over. Few LazerTag helmets retained their black ear screens.

The original helmet design called for visors. They wanted clear, non-glare plastic visors. They wanted to be able to see the actors eyes. Unfortunately, clear, curved plastic... is very reflective. When it gets dusty, you can't see through it. The final decision had not been made by the time shooting began, so approximately 30 to 40 helmets were fitted with visor mounts; most of the "A-grade" helmets and a handful of "B-grade" helmets.

Male/Adult "A-grade" Red LazerTag

Visor Mount

Mic Left


Mic Right

Visor Mount


Helmet on fig


Helmet animation will begin once all frames have finished loading (29 frames).
M-3 Tactical Helmet (seperate page)

Film References

Left: "AA-grade" helmet w/ gray ear screens and
mic w/ black collar. Right: "B-grade" helmet.

The FedNed reporter's mic was a shaft, not a spring. The shaft
reflects more light, helping it stand out. It was also made larger
than a regular mic, so it would show up better on-screen.

"AA-grade" helmet w/ black ear screens and
mic w/ black collar.

"A-grade" LazerTag helmet w/ gray ear screens.

"A-grade" LazerTag helmet w/ gray ear screens.
Crusade Reference

Look what I see in "Crusade", the B-5 spin-off...
Power Rangers References

VIP References

G-Savior References

Planet of the Apes


Female/Children's "A-grade"

Visor Mount Left

Mic Left


Mic Right

Visor Mount Right


Helmet on fig


Inside Detail

Helmet animation will begin once all frames have finished loading (29 frames).
M-3 Tactical Helmet (seperate page)

Optional Visor mounted in place (on Children's Helmet).

Visor Up Side

Visor Up

Detail Up

Visor Down Side

Visor Down

Detail Down

Visor Up Mount Right

Visor Mount Screws

Visor Down 3/4

Extra supplies for on-set repairs

"Bunny Rabbit" Padding


Foam Spacers

Ear Screens

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