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Everything shown here are actual film-used props from the 1997 film STARSHIP TROOPERS.
The contents of TrooperPX is part of a single private collection. None of these items are for sale.

At the last minute, Paul Verhoeven decided he needed some Fleet Helmets. A few Mobile Infantry helmets were taken aside and modified. This included building up the front brim with a heavy plate... theoretically to house a drop-down visor. Looked convincing though not functional. The ear screens received larger housings, similar to modern-day Air Force helmets.

To my knowldge, only three were made: One prototype, one for Zander and one for Carmen.

There were also two "space" helmets made, that never saw action.

Fleet Helmet Prototype

Made by Prop'er Effects.


Male/Adult Fleet Helmet

This is one of two Fleet helmets made for the film. Here we see the cool, tinted visor in place.
Like the Mobile Infantry helmets... the visor was removed for filming.


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