Scripts and Storyboards

  • New Uni High, 9
  • Fleet Training, 61-62
  • War Games: Blue Team/Red Team, 64-65
  • Asteroid Grazing Rodger Young Sequence
  • Johnny's Flogging, 71
  • Klendathu Landing, 93-105
  • Replacement Boards,105-106
  • Klendathu, 105-106
  • Roger Young Limps Home, 111-112
  • Fleet Starships Approach Tango Urilla, 116
  • Johnny in Stasis Tank, 117
  • Finding Love On Tango Urilla, 130
  • Hopper Canyon (...on Planet P), 131-135
  • Hopper Slashing Roughnecks, 142E-142F

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